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SFRI works with institutional charitable and issue based organizations. SFRI accepts support and donation from National and International Organisations .

Donations are accepted in following categories :
  1. Issue based institutional/organizational donations
  2. Issue based individual donations, under any proposed or on going movement which is run by SFRI . In such a case other donor organizations and individuals are duly informed about the inclusion of a new donor.
  3. Programme oriented organizational donation/ Grant in aid. In this case the new donor organization is included in the programme only after the prior approval of existing donor / consortium. Or the new donor can take up the similar programme in a new field area where SFRI operates.
  4. Infrastructural Support Donation in Cash or Kind
  5. General Purposes Charity Donations
  6. Donations under Corporate Social Responsibility.
  7. Miscellaneous Support to any Campaign, Conference, Rally, Meeting, Tour etc.

Please make sure that you are not an organization or individual blacklisted by Government of India, United Nations , Departments of GOI/UNO, on account of any suspicious activities such as terrorism, smuggling, trafficking , or any other offence as suggested by the concerned authorities. SFRI does not accept any donation for extending benefits to any specified class of population where such a classification is based on religion. SFRI does not undertake any project which results into propagation of any particular religion or belief. Each donor is sent a duly signed receipt and an audited statement of account pertaining to his / her donation. We encourage the donor organizations to communicate with us, to visit our field areas and thus to enhance the transparency in functioning . At the end of each effective term with the donor organization/ individual we provide you with a complete report of activities that SFRI executed with your support.

SFRI is a registered Trust (Registration on 24th August 2011).

For Donations and Charity please contact us at

Sabera Foundation & Research Institute
41-A DDA Flat, Mata Sundari Road
New Delhi – 110002, India
Tel: +91-11- 2321 0628
Fax: +91-11- 2323 0394
You may also e-mail us at :

Please do not forget to attach a complete profile of your organization and your plans to support a particular cause with SFRI as described above. After receiving your expression of interest for charity , we verify your status and allied activities to comply with our policy guidelines and get back to you within 30 days of such a receipt.