Sabera Foundation & Research Institute
  Aims & Objectives
1. To establish, Minority community welfare organize, set up, maintain, Manage, Run, conduct and to support, assist of give aid to, ether in cash or in kind or, collaborate with hospitals, nursing homes dispensaries, clinics, health centers, convalescent homes, sanatoria, health clinics, diagnostic centre, medicals centre including all its auxiliary and supporting units.

2. To establish, set up, promote, organize, run, manage, conduct encourage give aid to assist and co-operate with all the necessary ancillary units and departments including ‘X’ ray, pathology, radiology, Physiotherapy, Blood bank, Laundry, Kitchen, Cafeteria, Drug stores ect.

3. To establish, set up, promote, organize, run, manage, conduct encourage medical research Institution and research programme in any branch of medical science by engaging or employing leading Doctors, Physicians, Scientists, Consultants, Technician, Experts on such term as the Board thinks fit and to give such persons remuneration, honorarium for their engagement.

4. To establish, set up, promote, organiza, run, manage, conduct and encourage research laboratories to conduct research in all types of diseases including Aids, Cardiac, Ailments, Urology, Neurology.

5. To conduct experiment and to undertake the carry and research experiments and tests related to various medical disciplines.

6. To give advice on public research paper and /or otherwise promotes utilization of research result in the medical fields.

7. To promote, develop and improve scientific exchange of knowledge as well as technical co-operation between research institution with similar interest and objectives.

8. To conduct conferences, refresher courses, lectures, seminars, public health education and promotion activates, demonstration and exhibitions relating to the research done knowledge generated and results obtained. To establish maternity cum children hospital with diagnostic centre

9. To give donation in kind or cash to Dispensaries, Hospital, Nursing Homes, Orphanages, Hospice and such other public medical institute giving medical aid to needy people, upon such terms and condition and to such extent and for such period as the Board may deem fit.

10. To provide treatment to Maternal and child care benefit for the Minority community & other backward classes.

11. To set up a large number of income-generation projects, through which the elderly regain their status in the family and community.

12. To support old age homes & day care centres are safe haven where they can live their lives with dignity and interact with their peers.

13. To provide awareness about the various possible needs of the elderly aged person.

14. To provide facilities to elderly care and needs.

15. To provide special senior citizen government finance schemes for benefit of a steady source of monthly income for everything such as food, groceries, medicines, etc.

16. To establish a nutrient-dense diet is to balance a variety of food choices (in moderation) in elderly aged person that are adequate to meet nutritional and caloric needs.

17. To provide Health Care Requirements of the elderly with advancing age, the body tends to slow down and becomes less efficient. Elderly people are prone to a few age-related health issues. This is a normal aspect of life and one cannot help it. However, through proper care and nursing facilities, one can definitely help in keeping most of these health issues in check and preventing them from causing any serious harm. Regular medical checkups are necessary. They can help in anticipating potential future health-related issues. At the same time, they may help in identifying serious health problems at an early enough stage during which treatment is possible.

18. To provide Dietary Requirements as people age, their digestive system gradually starts weakening. Aged and elderly people especially, face this problem wherein they start finding certain foods indigestible or difficult to digest. What one must realize is that their diet can no longer be the same as it was say, twenty years ago. Their diet should now be modified accordingly such that it remains a nutritious, balanced diet and yet, contains foodstuffs that their system is able to accept without causing them any discomfort or problems. Often, the diets of elderly people need to be altered depending on their medicinal prescriptions.

19. To establish a building for community education centre, ngo training institute. Aviation Training Institute.

20. To Provide Consulting to poor student for employment generation.

21. To establish a hostel for working women and single women.

22. To establish a hostel for girls.

23. To work for establish and running center of learning in form of Deemed University. Institution of Higher Learning, BTC.D-ed. B-ed. M-ed. Other Education Related Institute.

24. To conduct coaching classes for preparation of various competitive examinations.

25. To provide job orientated course such as Hospitality Management etc.

26. To establish Design and Research and centre for Handicrafts.

27. To establish training cum production center for handicrafts products.

28. To open and manage emporia in the different parts of India and Abroad.

29. To establish fashion and design institutes based on handicraft items.

30. To open and manage school, colleges, technical and non-technical educational institutions.

31. To provide ambulance facilities with first-aid facilities.

32. To establish the faculty to conduct & control examination in all the medical college, research institutes, coaching and training centers/institutes for doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and other medical staff etc.

33. To safeguard all the rights of the registered Medical practitioners and specially the RMPs who are providing their valuable services in the rural and backward areas of the country and also provide them all possible facilities and services from time to time as and when the Governing Body may decide in its Governing Body Meeting.

34. To establish, finance and maintain Hospitals, charitable Dispensaries, Mobile Dispensaries, Medical camps, cancer Research Institutes, Awareness Camp, Research Institute in various Medical fields of Alternatives Medicines, preparation of various tools, appliances and Medicines and also dispensing of Medicines of itself or through the registered medical practitioners of the society

35. To organize seminar, symposium, workshop on different/innovatice subjects.

36. To undertake Social, Educational & Health related work and Scientific Research & Development Programme to develop an understanding among people.

37. To carry on work on Communication including Science & Technology, Communication. Information & Broadcasting. Rural development road & Transport, Water resource. Human recourse, SC, ST and Tribal development.

38. To carry on work for publication & circulation or otherwise dealing in any books, daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly periodicals, Journals.

39. To establish, Promote, run or maintain and grant-in-aid in cash of in kind to Hospitals, Medical Schools & Colleges, Nursing Homes, dispensaries, maternity homes and / or such similar Charitable institution for the benefit and use of general public.

40. To work for Health & Welfare Service for the benefit of the people like-
a) Family planning & Population stabilization.
b) Reproductive & Child health.
c) Mother and child health
d) Eradication of infectious disease such as Tuberculosis, Malaria. Dengue and Kalazar etc.
e) AIDS awareness and clinical facilities.
f) Eye Care
g) Cancer Awareness
h) To work for Adolescence health & care.
i) T o provide medical aids to Handicapped & Mentally retarded people.
j) To prevent communicable diseases.
k) To provide clinical facilities for New Born infants.

41. Prevention of prenatal hazards prior to delivery of the fetus.

42. To open, maintain & provide training of paramedical & nursing training courses.

43. To open, maintain and provide training of Dais, and also open manage Nursing Schools & PNDT.

44. To organize Health camps, Mela, seminar and symposium.

45. To work for child mother health care in slums.

46. To receive and distribute medicines among weaker sections and slum dwellers.

47. To provide recreational and sports facilities and also organize sports activities for the children.

48. To establish center for drug addicted people and provide all facilities for his/her well being.

49. To establish, run and maintain a school , Collage, University for the Minority..

50. To accept Zakat, Fitra, Sadqa from all over world for social activity.

51. To collaborate, receive grants donations in cash or kind from any Govt. department, financial institution and individual.

52. To take loan of any kind for the advancement of object from any financial institution.

53. To organize consumer awareness programme and build consumer groups.

54. To organize people against exploitation and social evil and to establish and maintain a social work center and branches there of for the side purpose and to emphasize the importance of an integrated approach to the rural development form rural base.

48. To establish a multipurpose training center for the grass root function saris (e.g. for cottage / small scale and industrial social welfare education, health nutrition and child etc.)

49. To provide family, adolescent counseling center, vocational guidance and legal aid to the beneficiaries through the experience persons.

50. To promote and diffusion of useful knowledge and advancement of art, cultural and education.

51. To do work for protection promotion and dissemination for art and culture

52. To do work for conservation of cultural heritage

53. To establish rural training centers in fields of industries and animals product units, for generation, employment in rural areas including rural electrification etc. Provisions of light nits in village street lanes, in rural Harijan/tribal localities with the help of concerned authorities.

54. To arrange and organizes, anti – poverty programmes bounded labor, integrated rural development programmes and the programmes of research and development authorities.

55. To provide libraries, reading rooms Publishing, Literates, Magasoui and adult education to un-educated adults and helpless street, destitute, prostitute children.

56. To provide computer, T.V. Tape, V.C.R., Radio, Welding & Fitting, Typing & Shorthand, Spinning & Weaving, Fruit Preservation, Carpentry, Craft Center, Electrical Training, Tie & Die etc. vocational Training center on the poor needy, Minority, Backward class, SC/ST community and weaker sections.

57. To arrange, establish, run mange, control, look-after and supervise colleges, school, lectures hails, part time coaching centers for charitable basis and other establishment or institutions for advancement of education and knowledge in arts, science, literatures humanities and all other useful subjects in all their main efestitations.

58. To make correspondence in lawful manner to arrange meetings conferences, seminars Authorities.

59. To provide Information under Right to Information Act.

60. To give the information of Government rules piracies, notifications for the social advancement.

61. To arrange, run, mange, control, look-after and subside Blood donation camps and Easy donations camps.

62. To make best efforts for providing the facilities of games & sports Cultural related issues.

63. To establish awareness programmes in the local community to through the light on the problems regarding the health sanitation current social problems relating to women and children ex-dowry, child labour, alcoholism and during adulation and to arrange and to remove the social evils by way of villages, camps, talks street plays from time to time.

64. To Start Khadi & Village Industries Commission’s scheme through the weaker section people & Also provide Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture, Animal Husbandry & Dairy, Panchayat Raj etc uplitfment to the SHG & poor helpless people.

65. To invite as and when feasible scholars, scientists and technologists to take advantage of the facilities offered by the society.

66. To promote the cause of National Integration and unity of India and to promote knowledge and advancement of art, culture and education.

67. To Promote Natural Resource Development and Management (NRDM).& Rural Industrialization, Income Generation & Market Access (RIIMA), Technologies For Rural Development and Promotion of Information Technology (TRD & PTI) ,

68. To Promote Rural Infrastructure Development Scheme RIDS) & Scheme for Empowerment of Rural Woman, SC, ST. Minority & Disadvantaged groups and for Persons with Disabilities and Human Resource Development Scheme.

69. To start research and development project on science & technology, environment & forest, agriculture and animals, Bio-technology climate change.

70. To work for science and technology communication in rural and urban areas.

71. To work for human right issues & consumer awareness programme.

72. To work for natural climates and disasters management.